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All About Textured Vegetable Protein

When it comes to health and nutrition, vegetables are the most vital element. Textured vegetable protein, is one of the most popular meat substitutes for people who don’t eat meat. Since vegans and vegetarians can’t eat meat but their body still needs meat content to fulfill health needs, this acts as supplements with the required nutrition.

TVP is prepared using a mixture made from soy flour which is then processed to create different shaped pieces which are deprived of moisture for long-term storage and to extend their shelf life. The dehydrated pieces have an extensive shelf life and can be rehydrated and used easily.

Protein is important for our body as it contains amino acids for growth and repair plus it helps in energy production.TVP is available in solid form and is crumbled as well. It is widely used in dishes for vegetarians to add taste of meat in meatless meals. However, it’s not natural. It is produced and manufactured and packaged for consumption. Textured vegetable protein has many characteristics:

Protein Content

Protein is the main element in TVP. Vegans and vegetarians get bored of beans and lentils and search for an alternative. TVP fulfills their needs as a small amount of it contains 8 grams of protein. Since it’s made from defatted soy flour or soy protein isolates. It provides all the amino acids required by the body since the vegetarian diet is low on protein content.

Low Carbohydrates and Fat

The vegetarian diet is good for dieting and weight loss but may rely on healthy fats to keep calorie consumption sufficient and it is possible to gain weight. TVP is the easiest way to reduce calorie consumption and fat, plus it’s low on carbohydrates than other vegetarian food sources.

Usefulness and Convenience

TVP is readymade and ready to eat as it is produced that way. This is feasible and reduces the time required for meal preparation to a minimum. It can be cooked easily straight out of package rather than soaking beans overnight or boiling for hours and seasoning them. Consumers can buy and eat anytime they want.

No Gas Content

TVP contain no gas, as is they are made from soy beans that are legumes and have great importance for nutrition conscious vegetarians. It produces gas and then affects the body during digestion. TVP has low carbohydrate content and this clears the gas content plus sugar content is also siphoned off during manufacturing.


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